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[SOLVED] Integration Status Codes - Beginner

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  • [SOLVED] Integration Status Codes - Beginner


    I've been digging through my email archives and came across something that may help those getting started with OTM integration. When I started working it, I always had a hard time remembering the meanings of various OTM integration status codes. Some like "D" are easy (delete), but "NP" always seemed to mean not processed to me.

    Here's a little excerpt that Sam Levin sent my way a while back, which cleared things up for me:

    The Transaction code NP represents No Processing. This tends to be the more generic code that is passed for outbound transmissions from OTM. If we were to trigger a action that would require data to be removed from a external system such as SAP or EBS we would send a D for Delete. There is not existing configuration that allows us to alter the transaction code based on what action we are doing as OTM logic determines what code to send.

    Best Regards
    There you go - not much, but a start. If there is any interest in this, then I can try to dig up some more detailed information. Just let me know!

    I hope this helps!

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