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Czarlite Integration with OTM

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  • Czarlite Integration with OTM

    Does any one using "Czarlite" tool with OTM? what is the exact functionality of this tool? How do we upload the data with this?

    Chris, could you pls share if you have any information regarding "Czarlite"?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Czarlite Integration with OTM


    Trust you must have googled!!!

    This is what i cud get from google.......its a rating software by smc3 for ltl base rates....

    Refer to this site for more information...

    CzarLite Rating Systems Platform Versions



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      Re: Czarlite Integration with OTM

      some more information on this ...... hope it helps.......
      G-Log and SMC³ Partner to Offer Streamlined Content and Increased Flexibility
      G-Log/ SMC³Joint Offering Allows Easier Access to LTL Rates
      Shelton, CT and Atlanta, GA - July 2, 2001- G-Log, the leading provider of collaborative logistics management solutions, announced today that it had entered into a strategic partnership with SMC³, a leading provider of transportation data software and services nationwide. The combination of G-Log’s logistics platform and SMC3’s RateWare™ rating system and CzarLite™ rate tariff, increases planning flexibility and reduces the complexities of Less-than-Truckload (LTL) rating for shippers, distributors, logistics service providers, and transportation exchanges.
      G-Log will enhance its comprehensive end-to-end logistics offering with SMC³ RateWare and CzarLite products to provide customers with a straightforward approach for managing LTL shipment costing and pricing, including carrier-specific discounts and accessorial charges. With seamless access to carrier rates and SMC3’s rating engine, customers can eliminate substantial amounts of time and effort usually associated with rate database conversion and data validation. In addition, the integrated solution provides improved control enabling improved decision-making, enhanced customer service and reduced transportation costs.
      "Because of its single data model, G-Log can easily integrate with companies that offer superior products and services, such as SMC³’s RateWare," said Darcy MacClaren, senior vice president of business development for G-Log. "The SMC³ alliance is a perfect example of our continued commitment to providing superior customer service and unparalleled product performance."
      Customers will also benefit from the joint offering through:
      • a simplified process for updating motor carrier tariff information and expiration dates
      • rapid and accurate decision-making on transportation pricing
      • improved labor efficiency because fewer manual processes are required
      • faster responses to shipping inquiries
      "This partnership offers a leading transportation tool that directly benefits the industry and our customers," said Danny Slaton, vice president of sales and marketing for SMC³. "As part of the SMC³ commitment to innovation, we seek to create partnerships with leaders in the industry like G-Log, which helps our customers receive the highest level of service possible."