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Shipping-Transportation Outbound Interface Issue

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  • Shipping-Transportation Outbound Interface Issue


    We are getting a "User not found" error with Shipping-Transportation Outbound Interface.

    The error doesn't occur with Shipping-Transportation Carriers Synchronization so the EBS profiles must be good and the user does exist.

    We have just moved to a new environement (EBS, BPEL & OTM). This problem has not occured in other environments.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Shipping-Transportation Outbound Interface Issue

    When you do a copy or move your OTM database from one server to another, you need to make sure that you go back to the admin guide and revalidate all of the packages from @create_vpd_package onward. These steps are for when creating a new database but must be followed even for a DB copy.

    If all of those procedures were done, start checking your log files on startup such as your weblogic and tomcat console.log for any errors to help you pinpoint where the problem could be.
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      Re: Shipping-Transportation Outbound Interface Issue

      Double check these profiles in EBS - OTM: Domain User; OTM: Domain Password; OTM: Integration Enabled; WSHefault Shipping User For OTM; WSHefault Shipping Responsibility for OTM - to ensure they are setup correctly now that you have created a new environment.