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More detail in out xml for Planned Shipment

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  • More detail in out xml for Planned Shipment


    I am developing an interface with some of our partners in which we are to send shipment information from OTM in XML format.

    It's been going well. I have defined some XSL that configures the output from GLOG XML to the required schema.

    The challenge I have now is that I need a little more information than is present in the PlannedShipment GLOG XML. Specifically Hazmat info.

    The GLOG XML for PlannedShipment includes the HazmatGenericGid value and a bunch of Y/N flags. I want to be able to output information like "ProperShippingName", "RegulatoryAgencyDataSource", "SymbolExtraMeaning" etc.

    That is to say the information I am seeking is shown when you navigate:
    Business Process Automation > Integration Manager > Integration > Perform Integration Command and select ViewHazmatGenericXML for a given HazmatGenericGid.

    I would also like to be able to organise the data by stops. Is there a better interface ?