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Is ActualShipment XML able to generate OR?

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  • Is ActualShipment XML able to generate OR?


    For those of you who are knowledgeable on ActualShipment (Shipment As Work) XML, I would like to ask something. Does ActualShipment able to generate Order Release automatically? In XSD file, I saw the following element within Shipment Header 2 that is supposed to allow this feauture. Unfortunately, I was not successful to make it work. Created only the buy shipment but no OR.

    Element Name: AutoGenerateRelease
    Description: Y, N. This flag is used to indicate to Integration that the Release information for the Shipment should be automatically generated using the Shipment/ShipUnit information. This eliminates the need to redundantly populate the Shipment/Release element(s). Note: An error is generated if this flag
    is set to 'Y' and a Shipment/Release element is present. The default value is 'N'.

    Has anyone of you used this feature? I have been successful to create OR by sending first a "Release" XML and immediately followed by "ActualShipment" XML to link them together. However, with this approach, I have to placed them in two separate transactions (<GLogXMLElement>). Are there other better ways of doing it?

    If you happen to have other ideas, please kindly share with me.

    Best Regards,