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  • TransmissionReport Problem

    Hey guys,

    We utilize TransmissionReport XML documents to drive how we send order releases to OTM. We consume this via httppost from OTM to our BizManager Server and then map it via TrustedLink to our iSeries where our ERP package runs.

    The issue is that occasionally IMessageText element is quite lengthy. TrustedLink cannot consume more than 4044 characters in any element. When we receive a long message (in the case of an error state) we are unable to consume the XML document regardless of the fact that we are not mapping the element. I have gone round and round with Inovis (vendor for our integration layer) and they cannot do anything for us.

    Is there a way to either eliminate or truncate that element from within OTM prior to posting it to us? I have attempted having OTM send the Transmission Reports to a contact and putting an XML out profile on the external system that the contact is tied to but it does not seem to work.