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Question on PlannedShipment Integration

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  • Question on PlannedShipment Integration

    OTM has a PlannedShipment outbound interface that has field PlanningGroupGID, but my requirement is to send data field PlanningGroupName to the external system using this interface.
    Any idea how can I implement this ?
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Question on PlannedShipment Integration

    Your only option appears to be to copy the Planning Group Name to the Shipment as a Reference Number which could be accomplished via an Agent with a Direct SQL Update (DSU). All Shipment Level Reference Numbers appear on Planned Shipment XML. Use caution when using DSUs since it can result in performance degradation.


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      Re: Question on PlannedShipment Integration

      Why don't you make the GID and Name fields the same? That way you have the same information in the GID and the Name, and you don't need to copy the Name to a refnum. If the domain name bothers you in the GID, just set it up in the public domain.

      If you have a good business reason to have the GID and Name something else, you can build a lookup table in your middleware, or perhaps the receiving system is able to do a little magic.

      Copying data to refnums works (and it is done a lot...), but it should be a last resort.


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        Re: Question on PlannedShipment Integration

        There is another option apart from copying PlanningGroupName to Refnum (if you are concerning performance), which is to use AssignVariable to store PlanningGroupName, then place the variable in Remark of Send Transmission action.

        In your external system, you will obtain PlanningGroupName via /TransmissionBody/GLogXMLElement/TransactionHeader/SendReason/Remark[RemarkQualifierGid/Gid/Xid='REM']/RemarkText

        Note: If your OTM version is earlier than CU5 RU4 and you plan to assign two variables to Remark, please note that there is a bug:
        Bug 7676657:
        Notify subjects adding "{" character to variable when using two or more variables from the Assign Variable agent action.
        Joseph Liang
        MavenWire APAC