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OTM multiple domains mapped to Oracle Instance

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  • OTM multiple domains mapped to Oracle Instance

    Requirement - I have two divisions where they have their own logistics network and they operate independently - have their own carriers/rates negotiation and even their distribution network.

    Though they are going forward with an Oracle implementation where they would be two seperate operating units - they would like to continue with separate networks as it exists today.

    In this case - they also intend to keep their shipment planning separate.

    I understand that two domains is not supported with an out of box integration with Oracle E Business suite.

    Any pointers to this on how can this be done.

    Appreciate your help on this.

    thx and rgds,

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    Re: OTM multiple domains mapped to Oracle Instance

    Two orgs from a single EBS instance pointing to different domains in a single OTM instance won't work with the out-of-box integration, because the EBS packages, procedures and concurrent processes which facilitate the integration aren't org-aware. It would require full customization of those components in order to work, plus the BPEL flows between EBS and OTM, to ensure they sync up the correct orgs.

    However, I have setup the integration to allow two different EBS instances to point to different domains on a single OTM instance. That will work out of the box without issue.



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      Re: OTM multiple domains mapped to Oracle Instance

      If separate planning is desired - that means if the distribution centers are separate for each division and even their carriers and rates are also different - we would necessarily need to have two domains.

      I was thinking that we interface data from E Business using the standard out of box integration into a single domain(domain-A) consisting of data for both the divisions.

      Then let it remain in the domain-A.

      Create two separate domains for each division. (DomainDiv1 and DomainDiv2)

      Move data meant for specific domains from the domain-A into the DomainDiv1 and DomainDiv2 and then work from there onwards.

      Move all planned shipments data into the domain-A and have a combined freight payment stuff for all divisions.

      Will this work - has anybody tried it - looks feasible ?

      Appreciate your time and help on this.

      thx and rgds,


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        Re: OTM multiple domains mapped to Oracle Instance


        First of all, even though OTM comes shipped with out-of-the-box EBS integration, don't think this will serve your needs. There are more than a dozen known issues, all depending on the way how you want to use OTM. Someone from Oracle once told me "it is not a toaster that you can plug in and then start making toast".

        Assuming the integration works flawless (pigs can really fly...), why would you want to split the orders in two separate domains, if you want the planned shipments back in the base domain? OTM has other ways to make sure rates, data and users only relate to one distribution center, so I don't see a need to move your data to other domains. The expression alone, "move data from one domain to another" makes me shiver about data duplication, synchronization issues, and what have you.