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Basis questions on PC Miler 22

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  • Basis questions on PC Miler 22

    I have following basis questions on PC Miler and I will appreciate if someone can answer these –
    1) Is it mandatory to define geo hierarchy or its optional ?
    2) What is the parameter ROUTE_TYPE and its valid values in external distance engine ?
    3) Where do we actually define in Sc3 that we our setup is to use PC miler Practical or Short distance?
    4) Where do we actually tell system that distance should be searched based on city, state or zip code or latitude or longitude etc

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    Re: Basis questions on PC Miler 22

    Yes, it is mandatory to define geo hierarchy - PcMiler calculates the distance between given two locations based on geo hierarchy i.e. either from CITY or POSTAL CODE.

    USE_DEFAULT_ROUTING_TYPE - Can have either Y/N value -decides whether to to use the default PC Miler routing logic or PC Miler distance data with the OTM routing logic

    Nipun Lakhotia
    Manager, EY


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      Re: Basis questions on PC Miler 22

      4) Once we select Rate Distance type as "LOOKUP ELSE ESTIMATE", first OTM planning engine look for an external distance engine first. In the definition of external distance engine if we would have configured for zip system takes zip, if we would have configured for city it takes city. If there is no external system defined "LOOKUP ELSE ESTIMATE" type looks for lattitude and longitude defined in location to calculate the distance.
      Note: If we would have preloaded all the lattitude and longitudes with "GEO_POSTAL_POINT" table, then OTM will automatically pick lattitude and longitude from there based on the zip code defined for a location.


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        Re: Basis questions on PC Miler 22

        It looks like you're new to using PC*Miler. You may want to get in contact with ALK support or a sales rep who can give you all kinds of answers.

        1) Answered above. Please note that you don't need to define anything yourself as they are already set up in the public domain.
        2) ROUTE_TYPE. You should contact ALK for this, or perhaps Oracle Support has some info. This parameter drives the type of route, like shortest, quickest, etc. Usually you use the default, as PC*Miler is used to standardize distances between clients and carriers, and by selecting a different one you may end up finding different distances with PC*Miler than your carrier does
        3) Answered above. By the way, I never heard of Sc3...
        4) Answered above.