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Weight issues during integration

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  • Weight issues during integration


    When we get items with low weight, it rounds down to 0. Does anyone know if it is OTM that is doing this, or could it be something custom in BPEL. If it could be OTM, where can we make changes to adjust the settings?

    1 can 50W959.A1 = .5 lbs
    1 EA Z0003 = .000001 LBS

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    Re: Weight issues during integration


    Try setting this property - glog.query.uom.padding

    OTM Help Description

    In instances where there are differences in numeric precision values and the actual stored values, the ROUND function is used in OTM. The default behavior for UOM values is to round to the precision value of the parameter being used for the query. This property is available to append zeros to the query parameter in order to expand the precision value.
    The default is zero.
    Nipun Lakhotia
    Manager, EY


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      Re: Weight issues during integration

      Check out the transaction to see what value is sent into OTM.

      Also, be aware that OTM only shows 2 digits for weights and volumes, so .000001 LB is displayed as 0.00


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        Re: Weight issues during integration

        So is there any way to display this with more precision?

        Specifically, we are looking at the Material Manager screen for a Packaged Item. When we try entering the Unit Volume, we are getting a message that says 'Unit Volume precision must be less than 3'. This simply is not realistic for almost all of our items. Is there anything that we can change so that we can enter past 2 decimals?

        Janel Hansen
        OTM 6.1


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          Re: Weight issues during integration


          I would recommend all to bookmark this page and check it regularly: Oracle OTM / G-Log GC3 Community Support - Top 5 Stats