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Planne Outbound Interface

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  • Planne Outbound Interface

    Hi all,

    We need to send Planned shipment xml to some external system.

    If we use automation agent, then every time a new shipment is created, automation agent will be triggered and call will be made to external system.

    In case many shipments getting created together (after bulk plan), then many calls to external system will be running in parallel. Will such a design have any possible performance issue? Is there any upper limit to no. of outbound interfaces triggered by OTM?

    Is there any other way (from performance stand point) to send shipment xml - may be some batch program at regular interval. If so, how to configure it? Can process management be leveraged to achive this?


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    Re: Planne Outbound Interface

    Welcome to the Forum. However, don't expect to be taken too seriously if you come up with a user ID like you have.

    By the looks of it, your knowledge about OTM is very poor, so my best advise to you is to follow an OTM Course and get your feet wet with an experienced OTM team