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  • OTM + Kewill Clippership

    Hi Guru's,

    I am currently evaluating, if we need to go with SMC3 or Kewill Clippership for LTL rates. What I see from Kewill's presentation is that they partener with SMC to provide the LTL rates.

    We have OTM 6.0.3 being implemeneted and in the technical architecture doc, I see that only certified kewill product is Flagship (for parcel rates). Do we know if Oracle has certified Clippership as well. Also, has anyone integrated with Kewill Clippership in the past, I wish to understand how to integrate with clippership to query LTL rates


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    Re: OTM + Kewill Clippership


    Clippership is not a currently certified or integrated-with product for OTM. For LTL rates, the only option with built-in connectivity is SMC3 using the RateWare server.



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      Re: OTM + Kewill Clippership

      Chris, is correct.

      However, - as one of the first 3rd party parcel shipping engines in the industry, (Clippership has been evolving since the DOS days), it has a very robust integration tool set. Through the integration suite, Clippership certainly has the ability to accept an external rate request. Although I do not know of any OTM specific integrations with Clippership, there are quite a few Oracle EBS solutions (and many othe ERP applications) that use this functionality.

      There are literally thousands of Clipperships installed in the United States that are integrated to other host applications. Note: that's one key differentiator, - Clippership is US origin only, whereas Flagship is global origin; one of the reasons OTM decided to go w/ Flagship.

      There are other advantages to using Flagship in a 'black-box' mode with OTM aside from origin.

      I do know we have many dedicated customer's using Clippership, that may ask you about it as an option.

      Feel free to email me if you or your customer would like more information about either of our products.

      Peter Starvaski
      [email protected]


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        Re: OTM + Kewill Clippership


        I appreciate the clarification.



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          Re: OTM + Kewill Clippership

          Hello Peter & Chris,

          I am working with a Customer using Plain Oracle Shipping, can they still use Kewill Flagship or clippership.

          This customer is on 11.5.10 Oracle eBiz.

          Customer is planning to implement WMS & OTM.