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Adding documents via EDI

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  • Adding documents via EDI


    Is there a way to upload documents against a business object (say Shipment) in OTM via integration / EDI?

    What I understand is that:
    OTM does support Document XML for inbound / outbound transmissions. But then the XML contains something called as Document Binary Content.

    Out of curiosity, i attached a pdf to an existing shipment and retrieved the document XML. The attachment was converted into this binary content format.

    I changed the shipment id to some other existing shipment in the domain and uploaded the XML. I was successful in retrieving the document from the new shipment.

    So is there a way or tool that converts pdf files into the binary contet format (that is supported in the OTM XML)?

    Please bear with me, if i had used any wrong technical notations as i am a functional consultant with little knowledge on OTM technical aspects .

    Thanks and Regards
    Pradeep Sundar. V

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    Re: Adding documents via EDI


    As I know the Document Bianry Content in XML is encoded by Base64, you can get the binary data from table "document_content" field "BLOB_CONTENT".

    If you want to convert your pdf to the xml content, you need to read the file in binary and encode the binary stream by Base64.
    Vincent Van
    OTM Customization Service
    [email protected]


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      Re: Adding documents via EDI

      In addition to Vincent's point, simply google Base64 encoder/decoder on the net.
      For example, I am using the one from Base64: Encode and Decode Base64 Files for my own testing.
      Joseph Liang
      MavenWire APAC


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        Re: Adding documents via EDI

        HI Vincent and Joseph

        That was a valuable piece of information.
        I will try to use the suggestion.

        Thanks and Regards
        Pradeep Sundar. V


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          Re: Adding documents via EDI

          Hi Pradeep,

          I have done exactly what you have mentioned but i am not able to see the document in document manager, and my transmission status is processed, hope you can help me out.

          Kind Regards,