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OTM-Actual shpment- OUTBOUND message is required

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  • OTM-Actual shpment- OUTBOUND message is required


    when it comes to standard interfaces, Actual shipment message is INBOUND to OTM. But we have a requirement, where external system wants the "Actual shpment message" from OTM.

    To be more clear, an external system needs - actual shipment details like weight, ship unit qunatity actually shipped out, actual shipment cost etc.

    when i looked at the OutXML profile, xml elements ..we have only planned shipment xml being defiled as "OUTBOUND" and "Actual shipment xml" being defined as "INBOUND". On the top of all, admin/DBA does not have rights to create our own "Actual shpiment -outXML element/profile"

    Could you please throw some do we approach on this?

    Ashok R

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    Re: OTM-Actual shpment- OUTBOUND message is required

    In OTM's terms, Planned Shipment XML is for outbound and Actual Shipment XML is for inbound. Basically they are all <Shipment> XML, just one is wrapped with <PlannedShipment>, the other with <ActualShipment>.
    Therefore, there is no limitation to stop you to include actual information in outbound Planned Shipment by creating your own Out XML Profile.
    Joseph Liang
    MavenWire APAC


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      Re: OTM-Actual shpment- OUTBOUND message is required

      Hi everyone,

      I am working on an outbound integration of planned shipment with legacy application. I noticed few of the fields are not available in 'Planned Shipment' xml.

      To give an example, I need to pickup all Location names (in Shipment stop). The same is not available in default 'planned shipment' xml element.

      By any chance, Is it possible to create our own new xml element in OTM? I tried out xml profile with customised template but it didnt help. I guess OTM doesnt allow to add any xml tags to the planned shipment xml.