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    We are planning to receive pool shipment information into OTM v.4.5 from our WMS.

    In the example below, we need 3 shipments (A-B, B-C and B-D) and 2 Order releases (A-C and A-D).
    A --> B --> C
    B --> D

    We have also tested different approaches and the one that we are leaning to so far is sending 3 sets of XML transmissions:
    - 2 XMLs for the shipments A-C & A-D that will autogenerate their respective order releases (A-C & A-D)
    - 2 XMLs to update the origin location of the above shipments from A to B
    - 1 XML for the long haul shipment A-B (it will not autogenerate any order release but reference the previously generated)

    We have already set up a touch point for direct shipments and we would like to use it for this too so we are just updating the origin location in the second set of transmissions. This origin update approach seems simpler than creating a new touch point that will create the shipment as well as the order releases with a different origin.

    We are very interested in knowing if anyone has implemented something similar for pool XMLs and what was the approach taken as well as the lessons learned.

    I truly appreciate your help,

    Alejandro B.