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Connecting to OTM from an external ETL tool(SAP Data services)

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  • Connecting to OTM from an external ETL tool(SAP Data services)

    Hi ,
    I have a requirement to connect to OTM from an ETL Tool (Data services) and build a report based on the OTM data .Currently,using Data Services from what I have researched I was able to understand we can connect to OTM using Web services option .
    Specifically,below are the points I need to know on how I can connect to OTM
    1.The wsdl (specific web service wsdl) I need to use in my external system for the connection to work.Also,please specify from where can I get this from OTM interface?Will the WSDL contain the user name & Password details as well or should I get that information too to access that service from my system.
    2.Any configurations need to be done for this in OTM end?Please let me where it should be done in the OTM application.
    3.Any other settings needs to be configured from both OTM and ETL tool for the connection to work.Please specify.

    My client's OTM was recently upgraded to an on prem-version.I'm a total newbie to OTM and it's web services,so, would appreciate if any of you could help me out in this.

    Thanks in advance..

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    Hello friend, I hope you are well, you could help me to indicate how you solved this doubt that you had, I am in a similar situation but with FUSION OM and OTM Cloud, I will appreciate what you can share.

    greetings and many thanks