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  • No resource online to learn OTM

    Hi Everybody,

    Firstly I am confused between what are the roles and responsibilities of a Functional and Technofunctional consultant??

    I am not able to find any resources online where I can learn OTM. Why there are no open sources for OTM like other software products and technologies??

    In the training centres, they will just teach how to create data in OTM, how to create a multi leg multi stop etc. But the real knowledge lies in technical aspects like data transmissions,
    automation agents, integration of CSV or XML etc. nobody will teach these thing in the training centres.

    Could you please tell me the solution for all things I have mentioned above>? Thnaks in advance

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    I feel your frustration, as I am also new to OTM and looking for learning resources. I've been using the OTM Help that comes with the application for a lot of my learning. It has a ton of technical info, but isn't really structured in a way that is easy to learn and digest, so you have to be patient. I found it easiest to navigate through the screens and click the help button whenever I saw something that was unfamiliar to me.

    You can also check Doc ID 796594.1 for more structured information such as TOIs. I highly recommend the Automation Agents Functional Overview, as I found it to be the best way to learn how to build an agent. Make sure you look through the whole page, there are sessions for nearly all aspects of OTM.


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      Hi ttwam, thank you very much for the info and i found it very helpful.

      What about Business scenarios, CSV/XML transmissions and integration of third party applications with OTM?. I have major concern regarding planning parameters and how to tweak them to achieve best planning results.


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        Oracle's core competence course has some very detailed business scenarios, but the course is outrageously expensive, so I understand if you may not be able to get your hands on it. As an alternative, I've attached a course that someone from this forum made a while back that contains a very basic business scenario. It's pretty helpful especially if you are a beginner. As far as integration and third-party applications, the OTM installation contains integration guides that have just about everything you need to know. I believe these can also be found in the Oracle knowledge base.
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          It is very helpful. Thank you very much for your detailed information and spending your time to respond me.