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Tendering: OTM Integration Issues

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  • Tendering: OTM Integration Issues


    I hope I can find help with implementing an OTM integration for the tendering process. I am new to the world of Oracle and some of my questions may seem elementary.

    I currently have access to an OTM Cloud sandbox where I am trying to implement integrations for:
    • TenderOffer from OTM to an external system
    • TenderResponse & ShipmentStatus from an external system to OTM

    After going through the documentation and experimenting with the platform, I have setup an external system for outbounds along with a business rule to trigger tender offers. The TenderOffer outbounds are generated but there are integration issues to be addressed.

    1. Using HTTP POST for outbounds from OTM returns the following error:

    IMessageText = CAUGHT THE FOLLOWING EXCEPTION WHILE PROCESSING TRANSMISSION OUTBOUND: OTM failed to send HTTP transmission 63,497 from to https://[Hidden-URL] with the following Exception: [042576] Unable to tunnel through proxy. Proxy returns "HTTP/1.1 403 URLBlocked" Unable to tunnel through proxy. Proxy returns "HTTP/1.1 403 URLBlocked" at at at at at at glog.util.httppost.HttpPostEvent$Listener.doPost(H at glog.util.httppost.HttpPostEvent$Listener.trigger( at glog.util.event.MemoryEventQueueRunnable.processEv ent( at at 6) at

    Does this indicate that the external system needs to be whitelisted or is there a configuration that would fix this?

    2. Do we have an API for Tender Offers? The online resources do not indicate the availability of one. Unfortunately OTM does not support SSH or SFTP, which could have been an alternative integration method for outbounds.

    3. In case of inbounds to OTM, testing a REST API for locations using curl returns the following error:

    <p>The requested resource has been temporarily moved <a href="[x] FjJ93KrKcVTxu4iWVNkYoX%2F%2BfdDV6Mp1IFpXUMB2xwuPv5 7WFOJXWDzSh%2Fy%2BQ7Wid%2Fms%2BoxvbRVzHK%2BkFM%2BP UC3a7pPxrGbblGwuzut66P1j6OaL9L7bGxIMGTFJcEy4c8CIIL JQy1uJmMk%2F8PRXP5b7uCDmV73MVwgeXfEJX02SPsDZLL%2F6 HokOzd3Ze9yM%2BauWF3hYLBcMfFZT6qws%2Ffbp%2BkskZd6% 2FQCtB4QCpFJ1YN4Cjl18p3ILe8qo1FeFWeuLAmBnJTXlATtkR hg4QW3fjqrMidxxMBMv4KccytQ02qLMEPqtQFXhbsOiuHksT9x BzH0f49mmJsMzDws5fEDxHTHKjUL9KHzNfJanFhzFctl7%2F8U SFl2E71VKTThJp02dhnYaROxHspIAXd8TqEp4CL8%3D%20agen tid%3DOTMGTM_WG%20ver%3D1%20crmethod%3D2">here</a>.</p>

    Here's the request:

    curl \
    -X GET https://[Hidden-Server][x] HTTP/1.1 \
    -H 'Authorization: Basic [Authorization]

    Attempting to use the following URL in a browser returns a "Access to the specified resource has been forbidden." error:

    All oracle documentation specify the same URL format? An Oracle Community post talks about using a different URL for IDCS, but I believe this does not apply to us. How do we resolve this issue?

    Thank You!
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    Hi mister ,

    Find my responses below for your question-
    1 - The IP addresses of your instance/servers need to be whitelisted at the destination system or at its firewall. You can obtain the IP range of your servers by raising an SR with Oracle.
    2. APIs are availablee for tender offer, tender response and shipment status. By default, the tender offers are sent 'AS EMAILS' to the email address of the servprov of the shipment. You can change it by updating the contact preferences of your servprovs and adding an external system to it. You can also see the strucuture of tender offer xmls by updating the stylesheet profile and then receive the offer at your inbox.
    3. For inbound messages, I am not sure of REST APIs but for HTTPOSTand web service methods you can obtain the URL from the WSDL generated from your OTM instance.
    Navigate to --> business process automation --> integration manager --> Generate WSDL



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      Hi shishirverma84 .

      Thanks for the reply.

      1. I have requested Oracle to whitelist our server.

      2. The REST API documentation does not indicate mention an API for Tender Offers. Are you suggesting we either use HTTP Post or define our own webservices to retrieve the tender offers? I have currently configured the service provider's communication method to HTTP Post and this is configured in the external system as well.

      3. I will test HTTP Post for inbounds to OTM update this thread.


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        We were able to resolve the issue with sending messages to OTM. The endpoint that were were using was constructed using the sample provided in the OTM documentation. Using the endpoint specified in the following WSDL allowed us to connect to OTM:
        Business Process Automation>Integration>Integration Manager>Retrieve WSDLs>IntXmlService

        I require help with updating the status of the shipment or tender. The shipment status messages that we sent to OTM are available were processed successfully and are available as tracking events. The tracking events are not being attached to the shipment/tender though. I have enabled the following automation agents which I believe should match the tracking event with the appropriate shipment:


        I have tried passing different ShipmentRefnum such as


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          Hi mister I am getting the same issue when trying to test REST API for inbounds to OTM. Can you please tell me how you resolved the issue?