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Customise out xml profile id

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  • Customise out xml profile id

    my apologies in advance if i'm not posting in the correct forum section.

    i'm working on OTM 6.4 Cloud. Database Edition: 20C
    I have an external system which contains an out xml profile id where default mode is MIN. Under section Included Xpath i have only 1 xpath which is Shipment/ShipmentHeader/ShipmentGid/Gid/Xid.
    When the xml is generated it contains some elements under TransmissionHeader which i was not expecting such as Version,TransmissionCreateDt,SenderHostName,Sender SystemID,Username,SenderTransmissionsNo,ReferenceT ransmissionNo,GlogXMLElement,NotifyInfo
    i tried to all the Target Namespace available. Same result.

    Can anyone tell me why this behavour?
    How can i remove these not required tags?

    i know i can use a Template to indicate the exact xml but i want to know why this happens?
    Click image for larger version

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    I don't believe the TransmissionHeader can be filtered out. The out xml profiles only allow you to filter xpaths that fall under the GlogXMLElement


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      Hi Vik

      It seems to me that the TransmissionHeader is needed and is part of the protocol for transmissions, work area is on GlogXMLElement

      The Transmission contains a TransmissionHeader and a TransmissionBody. The TransmissionBody contains one or more interface transactions, each wrapped in a GLogXMLElement element. Each GLogXMLElement can contain an optional TransactionHeader element but must contain an interface element which must be a type of GLogXMLTransaction element.

      Kind regards