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Tender Response intg fails when Modify/ Withdraw generates new TenderId

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  • Tender Response intg fails when Modify/ Withdraw generates new TenderId

    We are piloting tender integration with an external system (of a service provider)

    OTM generates a new TenderId for a Tender Modify or a Tender Withdraw instead of using the existing TenderId.

    Internally it seems to have repurposed the i_transaction_no in the i_transaction table for the TenderId

    The transmission that goes out of OTM for a TenderWithdraw or a TenderModify seem to hold no reference to the existing TenderId.

    Short of sending all existing TenderIds for the ShipmentGid from the SHIP_TENDER_COLLAB_BOV as part of Shipment Remarks in the TenderOffer Payload, I cannot think of anything else. Integration then as part of the TenderResponse can use the appropriate one for the ITransactionNo while sending the Tender Accept/Decline to OTM.
    If the TenderResponse used an older Id, it fails in the inbound transmission.

    Curious to know if anyone has not already encountered this problem.
    I cannot find any hits in my google searches on others running into this issue.

    Really appreciate any input!


    GopaL iyer
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    Gopal Iyer

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    Hi GopaL,
    What do you mean with TenderId? OTM doesn't use that, only a transaction number and a shipment id
    The OTM table SHIP_TENDER_COLLAB_BOV does not exist.


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      Hi Lourens

      I meant the transaction number when i said TenderId. (The online portal calls it Tender Id). The view SHIP_TENDER_COLLAB_BOV exists in 21A.

      I also griped about it in an SR with Oracle on this as to why the original ITransactionNo is not included in the subsequent payloads of the Tender Withdraw and Modify. I have come to the conclusion that It is a valid reason that Oracle is generating a new TenderId for a Tender Modify/Withdraw and I have also now come to terms with the fact that the original ITransactionNo is not going to be included in the payload.

      We are now planning on using the Combination of ShipmentGid, ServProvGid as the base and any subsequent modifies and withdraws to the base, as it creates new transaction_no, will be akin to tender interactions to this base. I will post an update once we go live with this


      GopaL iyer
      Gopal Iyer