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  • Clanedar XML

    hii, can any one suggest me how to get the calendar xml in OTM as i found no option to do this.
    The reuirement is that Calendar will be changed periodically and is there any option to upload that calendar other than manual creation/updaing the calendar?

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    Re: Clanedar XML

    Hi Soujanya,

    You are touching here a weak part of OTM in my opinion.

    There is no XML interface for creating or updating calendars.

    Of course you can upload the calendars via CSV files. However, you should be very carefull here!
    The problem is not in the CALENDAR table. The problem is in the related ACTIVITY_CALENDAR table. This table has a Primary Key ACTIVITY_CALENDAR_ID which is defined as a number. Of course you can give it a number, but if someone inserts a activity to a calendar (independant of the domain) and the number is alrady in use, you can;t save it.
    If someone finally entered a activity to a calendar..... and you are uploading some activities with the same number.......... the effect will be known.
    So most likely you have to choose between or uploading or manual, not both.

    Besides that effect you have to calculate the begin seconds from the start date (cycle) of the calendar.

    Not a very happy story....

    Hope it helps.

    Best regards,

    Best Regards,

    Bob Romijn


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      Re: Clanedar XML

      If you re interested i can mail you simple csv-examples....let me know [email protected]