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OTM to communicate with FedEx

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  • OTM to communicate with FedEx


    Would someone have any advice as to how to connect/communicate with FedEx to obtain tracking numbers and rates into OTM? I am currently working with a client who uses a FedEx machine to rate and print labels of shipments. I am looking for ways to convert this information into OTM.


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    Re: OTM to communicate with FedEx

    Go to the following Web site:

    FedEx Developer Resource Center - Learn the Basics


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      Re: OTM to communicate with FedEx

      Hope you don't mind a slight mutation of this inquiry...does anyone know how to access ups, fedex, and dhl rates in/from OTM, so that the rates could be used by the OTM rate engine?

      GC3, once upon a time, provided a package for UPS rates, but that is no longer offered (and I can certainly understand why GLOG/Oracle would prefer not to live that particular maintenance nightmare).

      Rateware has a fedex/parcel module, but my understanding is that OTM does not have an API that supports it.

      I believe that Fedex offers two levels of application-level service, Fedex hosted or customer hosted, but I am pretty sure that OTM does not support their APIs either.


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        Re: OTM to communicate with FedEx

        Just giving this topic a bump.

        Surely someone has used OTM for PARCEL planning? With Fedex/UPS/DHL rates?


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          Re: OTM to communicate with FedEx

          In case anyone is interested in the answer to this question, there does not appear to be one.

          Oracle support and technical consulting people say that support for external rate engines other than the one currently supported (rateware) is not going to happen in version 5x, and possibly not in 6x either.


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            HI All with OTN version 6 any one has a solution for this.please let me know.

            Thank you