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Problem in sending outbound from OTM to SAP PI

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  • Problem in sending outbound from OTM to SAP PI

    We are trying to send outbound from OTM to SAP PI. we have configured WSDL and sent the order outbound. Tranmission is "processed" in OTM and it is not received in SAP PI. It hitted the SAP PI but it did not receive any data. SAP PI is saying payload is not there. Below is the error message which we received in SAP PI. Can anyone help please?

    Embe 1/8/1 22792e0f-972d-11e4-9078-0000 SOAP: Call failed:
    dded 5 065142f2
    image 5:24: outingException:
    moved 43 PM InterfaceDetermination did not
    to yield any actual interface
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    Re: [RESOLVED][Problem in sending outbound from OTM to SAP PI

    It got resolved . Name spaces were not there in OTM outbound file, whereas it was there in the WSDL which we have shared with SAP PI. Hence we have included namespaces in the outbound file. Then it worked. Hope this may help someone in future.

    Thanks and Regards


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      You should pass all the changes in the Delivery to OTM ,via Change pointers.

      The Delivery change should be allowed til the Bulk planning run in OTM.

      You should lock these Deliveries during Bulk run, to avoid change during planning

      Thank you
      Saanvi S
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