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Ship Units not updated with OR Update xml

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  • Ship Units not updated with OR Update xml

    Hi All,

    We are using 'One to One' Order configuration in our Order Release. The external WMS system is sending only the Order Release with Line items and OTM is able to calculate the desired ship units.
    Now when we receive the Order Release update xml with transaction code either 'RC' with Managed Child as 'ReleaseLine' or 'IU', OTM is not able to reflect the weight/volume changes on the Ship Units? In case of RC i see the ship units disappear as well.

    ​I also tried using 'Auto_Calc' but it still it doesn't work with Order Update xml.​

    NOTE:- OTM Version 6.3.5.
    Both the standard agents ORDER RELEASE - INSERT and MODIFY is active.

    Anyone has any idea on possible workarounds on this issue?


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    Re: Ship Units not updated with OR Update xml

    Hi Ayush,

    Can you do Order Release action Generate Ship Unit and ship units are generating?

    if yes, then try using that action in the agent as well. This may be the missing step which the agent actions in standard agent do not perform as they do not expect the ship unit to be deleted and they do not regenerate them but only propagates the information downstream if required.
    Thanks and Regards
    Anurag Saini


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      Re: Ship Units not updated with OR Update xml

      Hi Anurag,

      Bingo!!! You hit nail on the head, yes the action worked for me.Since there is no exact action in the Agents so i used one of the Order MOD actions and it is now automated. Thaks a lot.



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        I have a similar problem, if i want to add more lines to the order do not add them inside the original ship unit. Have an agent order - modified with action generate ship unit but it does not work