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Rename file name sent on FTP outbound from OTM

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  • [SOLVED] Rename file name sent on FTP outbound from OTM

    Hi All,

    We are building a FTP integration where OTM posts the xml (tender offer - EDI 204 Outbound) file to a secured FTP folder. By default OTM is following the naming convention SHIPMENT_GID-TENDER-000001. (Example: GUEST.1000-TENDER-000001). Instead we want to use "message name.timestamp" (Example:OTM_204O.20151202143512)

    I am thinking of defining the external system with the message name as external system ID (OTM_204O) and adding the transmission time stamp 20151202143512. Eventually the result should be OTM_204O.20151202143512. I can add the external system to the out XML profile. The transmission would have the external system as well as the time stamp. Is it possible to set OTM to use the external system concatenated by transmission date/time as the file name?

    Any idea/suggestion you could recommend on how to change the xml file name sent on FTP would be really helpful.

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    Re: Rename file name sent on FTP outbound from OTM

    Hi Sachin,

    I had this question for long, because the filename has the auto increment, i.e. if you resend the tender, it will say 00002 and hence OTM knows how many times the file is generated before to increment it. Finally, I wouldn't have looked if you wouldn't have asked.

    There is a Business Number Generator for FTP Filename

    Go to Business Process Automation --> Power Data --> Business Numbers --> Business Number Rule and search for


    Currently it is:

    Change it to whatever you want something like below

    So for timestamp it will be OTM_204O.{ddddddHHmmssSSS: id=timestamp: picture="date format"}.xml
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    Thanks and Regards
    Anurag Saini