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  • OTM-OM Integration

    I have a quick question Can OM can handle a trip with multiple deliveries with multistop in WMS environments, for an example

    Delivery d1 going from a-->b
    Delivery d2 going from b-->c
    Delivery d3 going from a-->c

    Shipment s1 created in OTM with multistop including (d1,d2,d3) sent back to OM which would create a trip T1.

    Is it possible in OM the scenarion I explained above, if yes can anybody please send me the plannedshipment xml for multi delivery/multistop if possible.

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    Re: OTM-OM Integration

    Yes, this can be done - these become different stops on the trip in EBS. I do not believe the standard BPEL interfaces (shipped with OTM) have this functionality out-of-the-box so some custom programming is required both in the PShipments BPEL and the PL/SQL package that calls the Trip API in EBS.

    Unfortunately, I cannot provide the xml since it contains private company data as well as would need to be setup to fit your specific business needs - but I can tell you that this can be accomplished with custom development and leveraging standard trip API in EBS. It is also possible to have one of these stops be a pool location on the shipment from OTM.