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OTM-EBIZ Integration using BPEL Middleware

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  • OTM-EBIZ Integration using BPEL Middleware

    Hi all,

    I have the following scenario.

    OTM - 5.5 CU5
    Oracle E Biz -
    Oracle BPEL -

    From the forums I can understand that i have to apply patch However are there more additional patches required on top of that on the BPEL end? Or are more patches required for OTM and EBiz?

    Please can anybody send in the details as to what settings are expected at OTM,EBiz and BPEL for the integration pack to work successfully? Is it that the BPEL processes available should be used for the integration or other processes can be used also?

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    OTM EBiz Integration with BPEL

    Hi All,

    Like a presentation is available for OTM EBiz integration avoiding pitfalls( but that's not updated to the recent. Can a similar presentation be shared with the following versions of OTM and EBiz?

    OTM - 5.5 CU4
    EBiz -
    BPEL -



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      Re: OTM EBiz Integration with BPEL

      The 2008 OTMSIG had a few sessions where this topic was discussed in more detail. You can find a copy of the presentations posted at this link:

      I did a presentation at this years SIG conference related to some of the issues we found with EBS/OTM integration. You can find a copy of the presentation at the link below:

      Let me know if you have questions/feedback on the presentation and I can elaborate if needed.