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EBS Mutli Org Structure Integration with OTM

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  • EBS Mutli Org Structure Integration with OTM

    I read some of the multi org related questions in our forum. Apologies for posting the same kind of question again. But I'm bit struggling with this. I wanted to post a more specific question.

    1. We have 14 inventory organizations in our EBS instance.
    2. All the inventory items are assgined to more than one inventory organizations.
    3. The warehouse user of one inventory organization don't and shouldn't access the other inventory org business objects like orders.

    Can we replicate this in OTM?

    I need your expert help in going forward to decide whether we need to use one OTM domain or multiple domain to get this in OTM. Please give me suggestions on the approach. Is there anyway to achieve this without customizations. If customization is the only way, please give me the approach to proceed.

    Best Regards,

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    Re: EBS Mutli Org Structure Integration with OTM

    The standard EBS integration currently only supports one OTM domain via the EBS profile option you define to tell OTM what domain to use. That being the case you can use VPD (virtual private database) within OTM to segregate your inventory orgs and what orders and shipments they have access to. There is some negative performance impact associated with VPD so that is something to be aware also when testing. From what I've seen and heard, the performance impace does not outweigh the alternative of creating custom integration to support multiple domains in EBS.

    Hope this helps.


    Mauricio Ramirez
    Lucidity Consulting Group