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How To Use Ratequery From Ebs Databse

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  • How To Use Ratequery From Ebs Databse

    Dear friends,
    I am trying to make rate inquiry(RIQ) to otm server from the EBS without using middleware through EBS Database .
    Plan is to call the otm RIQ directly from the database procedure,using UTL_HTTP package from my custom PL/SQL procedure.
    idea is to post the xml for the Rate Inquiry as input to http://otm_server:80/GC3/glog.integr...vlet.WMServlet
    using the Utl_Http.Begin_Request(URL,METHOD=POST)
    OTM returns back the o/p in the form of xml, used the builtin database xml packages to process the result as per the need.

    Is there any way to accomplish this/ have anybody done it before?
    expect comments/suggestions from the you all.

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    Re: How To Use Ratequery From Ebs Databse


    I haven't seen this attempted before, but the technical components you've mentioned are right. I guess it would depend on your ability to have the custom PL/SQL procedure generate the G-Log XML.

    Other things that you may have to take into account are error handling, retries, etc.



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      Re: How To Use Ratequery From Ebs Databse

      Does OTM has out of box functionality to perform RIQ, through an input XML?
      I have a requirement where we will have many XML inputed to OTM and each XML will perform RIQ based upon the data on it.
      If OTM has the functionality then, How to capture the output? Is it on the same XML or different XML ?


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        Re: How To Use Ratequery From Ebs Databse

        There is a native Rate Inquiry XML defined in the schema, element Name = RemoteQuery use the choice of RIQQuery; OTM will send back a Reply to the HTTP socket that was opened for posting the integration XML.

        We implemented this RIQ and response between EBS 11.5.10 and OTM 6.1.5


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          Re: How To Use Ratequery From Ebs Databse

          On top of Pete's comment.. Please refer to

 for instructions
          Vinoth Gopalakrishnan

          Reach out for OTM/GTM - Transportation/Logistics and Blockchain Consultations/Strategy


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            Re: How To Use Ratequery From Ebs Databse

            Hi Nike

            If my understanding is correct, for RIQ from EBS is not required any middleware (however for carrier sync it requires the middleware support, which is essential to perform the RIQ from EBS). The system profile setting which you does in the EBS directly calls the OTM WMservlet to perform the RIQ in OTM.

            Sysadmin: System Profile : OTM: Servlet URI : Value : http://otmurl:port/GC3/glog.integrat...vlet.WMServlet

            On Sales Order you need to perform the "Action" Choose Ship Method to get the carrier, rate-service and the cost. On Submit, EBS does a remote query of RIO in OTM (you can refer the logs). Subsequently, OTM returns with the multiple options of cost, carrier and service (if configured). You need to do a selection on the options given, which will update the ship method on sales order and defaulted to a delivery. Subsequently if you are integrating the EBS delivery to an OTM order release, the said ship method will interface as order release constraint which are transport mode, service provider and rate service.

            You have to align the nomenclature of rate service (Service Level in EBS), sync of carrier from EBS (Concurrent Request), transport mode code(Manual- from EBS OM lookup WSH_TRANSPORT_MODE code (not description))