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Ebs db character set requirement

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  • Ebs db character set requirement

    Hello Friends,

    I would be grateful if you could share your opinion/experience on the requirement below.

    We have installed OTM 5.5 CU4 a fresh install and We are integrating with EBS and Using Oracle AS SOA Suite as a middleware.

    We have Installed The OTM , Database in UTF8 Database Character Set.

    Now We have our EBS Database that is running / using Non UTF8 Character set ( EUC ) Japanese Character set.

    Someone told us that for the EBS and OTM to integrate , the Character set of the EBS Database has to be changed to UTF8.

    Note : we have OTM DB Running on UTF8.

    Would be grateful if you could please validate on above requirement.
    Should the Oracle Applications (EBS) system which is linked / integrate with OTM should also have the same UTF8 DB Character Set.

    As if this becomes a requirement it will have a major impact on our production plan
    Please help me as I have to reply to my customer at earliest.

    Thanking in anticipation,


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    Re: Ebs db character set requirement

    I haven't seen this requirement before, but it makes sense - in case OTM sends UTF-8 valid characters back to EBS via an integration response.

    However, if moving the EBS character set isn't possible, then performing character-set conversions within the integration layer is a possible workaround.

    Hope this helps!