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EBS-to-OTM integration and "ship confirm" behaviour

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  • EBS-to-OTM integration and "ship confirm" behaviour

    We have a customized version of the seeded "Shipping Transportation Outbound Interface" which allows deliveries to flow from OM to OTM. For the most part, things work OK, however, we have noticed that when we manually "ship confirm" or programmatically "ship confirm" that we have the following unexpected behaviour:

    (1) If a delivery has not been transmitted via the "Shipping Transportation Outbound Interface" then "ship confirm" will mark the delivery as ignore_for_planning = 'Y' and the delivery is not interfaced to OTM. We require these to flow into OTM.

    (2) If the delivery has already successully interfaced to OTM and we then perform the "ship confirm", the tms_interface_flag for that delivery is set to 'DR' (DELETE_REQUIRED) and ignore_for_planning = 'Y' and the corresponding order release in OTM is "cancelled". We require these to flow into OTM normally and not be deleted.

    We would like to understand if this "ship confirm" behaviour is "as designed". Also, we would like to know if there are any configuration settings (e.g. ship confirm rules) that will allow us to achieve the desired behaviour for our system.

    The "ship confirm" is required to reduce the in-transit tonnage which would otherwise affect our planning module.

    Any assistance with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!