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OTM - EBIZ integration & domain config

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  • OTM - EBIZ integration & domain config

    Dear Gurus,

    In my current implementation I have designed 1 OTM domain & no sub-domains. Also, I am integrating to multiple EBIZ applications. The reason for going with single domain was to take consolidation opportunity across various EBIZ (business units) instances. Now the issue is when I have 2 orders from 2 different EBIZ's and I consolidate into 1 single shipment how do I send the shipment status and other messages back to both the EBIZ's. OTM provides out-of-box integration with only 1 instance of EBIZ. Has anyone integrated with multiple instances of EBIZ as well. How did you overcome this issue?

    Also, my plan is to assign a ref qualifier (corresponding to ERP) in BPEL, this will help me to identify from which EBIZ suit the message came from. I can send the messages back through that ref qualifier but now the issue is when I have consolidated the orders then how do I manage the messages being sent. As I would send the messages based on orderlines as well.


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    Re: OTM - EBIZ integration & domain config

    You're right - the default integration only allows a single EBS instance.

    You'll have to utilize custom refnums or ref qualifiers to identify each EBS instance, then utilize either custom OTM Agents (workflow) to send to different External Systems, or do the split in BPEL -- both would work fine.



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      Re: OTM - EBIZ integration & domain config

      I would recommend customizing the integration so your orders are sent to different domains, e.g. EBS1 and EBS2. You don't need a single domain to have consolidation opportunities: just have your shipments created in a planning domain that has access to your EBS1 and EBS2 domains.