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OTM inbound using http post is failing...

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  • OTM inbound using http post is failing...

    Hi Guru,

    We are doing EBS to OTM integration.
    As a process we deployed all the seeded BPELs into new domain.
    But, when seeded BPEL process trying to access OTM Integration servlet, we are getting the following issue.

    The bpel is using the http post and it is trying to access the following URL
    and we are getting the following error
    "<fault> - <bindingFault xmlns=""> - <part name="summary"> <summary> [email protected] : Could not invoke 'process'; nested exception is: Connection refused


    - <part name="detail"> <detail> Connection refused</detail>




    It seems the http servlet is rejecting the request.
    Please guide me to resolve that issue.

    Thanks in advance,
    Mahesh G.

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    Re: OTM inbound using http post is failing...

    Can you confirm that that integration server can access the URL?

    The error seems to indicate that it was unable to make the connection.



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      Re: OTM inbound using http post is failing...

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for the reply.

      Currently we are accessing the OTM service by using the following URL.
      And we are able to communicate with OTM and getting the response from it.

      But, we are unable to access it thru servlet mentioned below.
      When i am trying to access the servlet in my browser, it shows the post operation not allowed (
      That means servlet is active in OTM but not accepting the request thru HTTP post.
      OTM 6.0 is installed on Unix Machine, and the SOA 10g is also installed on the same machine.

      Please let me know your thoughts/advices on that.

      Thanks in advance
      Mahesh G.