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EBS-OTM: Sales Order Mapped to Order Release and Delivery Mapped to Shipment?

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  • EBS-OTM: Sales Order Mapped to Order Release and Delivery Mapped to Shipment?

    Hi all,
    We are working on an EBS OM-OTM Integration. Following the pre-packed integration, I mapped EBS Delivery to Order Release and EBS Trip to Shipment. However questions came up inquiring why cannot Sales Order be mapped to Order Release and Delivery be mapped to Shipment. After thinking through this, I found below reason. It will be great if you can put your comments here.
    Challenge to map EBS Order to OTM Sales Order:
    1) Without GOP/ATP etc, we don't know if the requested Items are available to ship upon Order Booking
    2) How if some lines in an Order pass Trade Compliance Check but others don't?

    Challenge to map EBS Delivery to OTM Shipment:
    1) Can an EBS Delivery have multiple customers and multi-stops?

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    Answer can vary based on your business needs. If you are shipping multiple lines under one sales order and each line is fulfilled from different warehouse or scheduled to ship on different dates based on GOP etc., then you have to create multiple deliveries. Delivery is one per customer ship from /ship to. You can plan multiple deliveries to one shipment, which in turn would be sent back as a trip to EBS.

    Delivery has its share of limitations - if you back order or if you have to cancel and re-enter lines under same sales order, delivery will be removed which will remove order release/planned shipment in OTM and your planners have to re-do planning/tendering etc., unless you have built a custom workflow.


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      Thanks Sachin.
      Based on your response, it seems we are fine to send EBS Order to OTM, since the issues you pointed out don't exist here. Feel free to add once other issues pop up your mind.


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        Can we send planned shipment from ebs to otm after picking (ebs), to avoid any back order or quantities updates ?