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OTM with BlueCoat Secure Gateway (Reverse proxy)

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  • OTM with BlueCoat Secure Gateway (Reverse proxy)

    Hi all,
    Has any one worked on OTM integration with bluecoat secure gateway? I am trying one and facing some issues. The configuration on gateway is done and it sends the external request to OTM webserver. However when the HTML markup is generated, OTM generates it with complete internal URL. because of this none of the images, js and css files are loging on home page.
    e.g. the external URL is
    this is configured to go to internal URL of

    This shows the logon page (just HTML) properly but the html contains references to internal URL and hence the browser can not load it. Suprizingly similar set-up on apache reverse proxy works fine. The URLs generated in the html are always relative e.g. /GC3/glog.... (pure URIs) they don't contain the domain part...

    Any idea why this should be happening?
    - Pritam.

    PS - I have configured the glog.webserver.URL property in to point to - but it seems this is not used by OTM.

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    Re: OTM with BlueCoat Secure Gateway (Reverse proxy)


    Check out this thread, as it should answer most of your questions. It is for WebSphere, but many of the main reverse-proxy concepts remain true, regardless of the solution:

    While I haven't seen OTM used with the BlueCoat Secure Gateway - if it can be configured to parse and strip the URL_PREFIX, then it will work with OTM.