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Configure OTM on DMZ

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  • Configure OTM on DMZ

    I have Installed OTM 6.3.4 web and APP successfully on a 3tier architecture(web-app-db). Now I want to access OTM over internet for which i have already worked with network team and defined rules needed for incoming traffic over the internet and another rule how web-server communicates with app-server box internally.

    During installation of webserver following details where entered

    I have given the following values
    1. Web server External FQDN : IP for Webserver
    2. Web server External Port : 7777
    3. Web Server FQDN : IP for Webserver
    4. Web server Port : 7777
    5. APP server FQDN : IP for Appserver

    Do i need to change values in the glog properties for property :
    glog.webserver.URL on both app and web server inorder to access it over the internet ?
    something like : glog.webserver.URL=$glog.webserver.urlprefix$

    OR what are other changes needed to expose it over internet?

    Advice & Inputs much appreciated.

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    Re: Configure OTM on DMZ

    Hi Ruchir,

    The default port used for navigating OTM on Internet is 443

    OTM Web server (IP:Port) must point to 443 using DMZ configuration

    Network team must have idea about pointing any URI over internet

    Thank you

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