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OTM 6.3.6 SSO siteminder Integration

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  • OTM 6.3.6 SSO siteminder Integration

    Hi All,

    We are in the process of SSO integration to the OTM. All the setup went fine but few things which we are fiddling with ... like enabling SSO settings in

    From the security guide i found and its my understanding.

    appuid=/GUEST.ADMIN/ -> Do I need to update all the user names here? or the user which requires direct access by passing the front page? or GUEST.ADMIN is only user to be used here
    glog.webserver.initial_page=http:which-we-normally-access-the-front-end-page -> which is default in our properties file

    Problem we getting here when we access front page,
    1) it goes to SSO login
    2) once SSO login is success it redirects to OTM login page -> Normally for sso it has to bypass the login page and it has to bring dashboard. ( which is happening fine in our EBS etc)

    Please correct me whats going wrong here.

    Thank you,

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    Re: OTM 6.3.6 SSO siteminder Integration

    This is resolved now!

    I am trying to find how to setup a non sso URL. If i need to login in as DBA.ADMIN or GLOG.ADMIN or any WM related users.

    If any one has any clue please respond! your help is much appreciated.

    Thank you,


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      Hi Kriss,

      Iam working on GTM intergration with Oracle OAM,Facing Same issue that you have mentioned in the post,Can you please let me know the steps you have done to fix the issue