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[SOLVED] Clarification on the '07 DST changes to the Property Files for v4.5 and belo

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  • [SOLVED] Clarification on the '07 DST changes to the Property Files for v4.5 and belo

    FYI - Below is the question I had for Oracle regarding the updates that we needed for the Property Files (OTM file) and they're answer in return:

    In the documentation provided on the Oracle Metalink site it states that the time zones should take the format of:

    glog.timezone.<time zone ID>=<GMT offset>

    -but it doesn't clarify if the 'GMT offset' that we enter is GMT offset for standard or day light savings. For example, for NY would we put:

    - for DST (-4 being the DST offset to GMT)
    - for standard (-5 being the standard offset to GMT)?

    *2nd Question: We are updating to 5.0 - but our production is still 4.0 - but for those who still have 4.5 or below - will they have to change to property files in the Fall


    Q1 - Answer: GMT offset is the standard time, to be for NY as bellow:


    Q2- Answer: For versions 4.5 and below users will have to **manually** override the Daylight Savings Rules with the OTM file.

    Which means that you will be in need to change the property files in the Fall again.

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    v5.0 less than Oct 06 SR needs updates as well

    If you are on v5.0, but a SR less than Oct 06, you also need to do the property changes. Take caution when creating the entries, the examples in Metalink are there only to show you the formatting - the entries are not correct.
    There is also a database upgrade required. Check the metalink note to determine if you need to upgrade the database.

    Metalink note 396225.1


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      In addition, this affects anyone running OTM v5.5, prior to CU2. So, to clarify the following versions are affected and will require manual steps to prepare for the upcoming DST change:

      - OTM v4.0 (all SRs)
      - OTM v4.5 (all SRs)
      - OTM v5.0 (SRs prior to Oct 2006)
      - OTM v5.5 (SRs prior to CU2)

      I hope this helps!