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Time and effort move V 5.5 CU2 to CU5 or CU6.

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  • Time and effort move V 5.5 CU2 to CU5 or CU6.


    Currently on 5.5 CU2, wondering What is the effort and time one can guess to move for CU05. We have 3 Domains. And say i do domain by domain..... so, i am looking for a bench mark timeline and effort to move to CU5 or CU6, with Latest RU.

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    Re: Time and effort move V 5.5 CU2 to CU5 or CU6.

    This is highly variable, depending on the number of customizations you have and how long it takes to run though a full regression test in a DEV environment. I'd estimate about 3-4 weeks for a very simple configuration and 4-8 weeks for a more complex one. If your installation involves integration with a lot of external system, then it may take longer, simply due to testing time.

    One thing - you have to move the whole OTM instance at once, not domain-by-domain. So at the highest level, it will involve testing the patch in a TEST or DEV environment, ensuring that all of the critical business flows still work and then preparing for the PROD patching.