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Multiple web server with OAS

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  • Multiple web server with OAS

    We are planning to install a multiple web server to manage the number of users, data loading (using http post) to make balanced load.
    We have OTM web (Apache + Tomcat) configured with OAS and wonder whether OAS supports multiple web server and if so , I would appreciate if you can provide some guidence.

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    Re: Multiple web server with OAS


    While I haven't tested this in production, the OAS install for OTM should support multiple web servers, the same as if it was being installed with WebLogic.

    You shouldn't have to configure anything special on the OTM application tier, just install 2 OTM web servers and point back to the same OTM App. To balance the load, however, you will need a hardware load balancer that is capable of sticky sessions, preferably tracked via cookie or source IP address. Since OTM doesn't replicate session information between the web servers, it is important that a user is "stuck" to the same web server once they login.

    Have you experienced any issues, or are you just doing preliminary investigations?