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Login to OTM redirects back to OTM Login page

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  • Login to OTM redirects back to OTM Login page


    We recently migrated our TEST env from 4.5 to 5.5 CU#4. We are using F5 load balancer for Web servers where our two webservers are configured using F5 to perform load balancing for OTM Web servers.

    The issue is if the External FQDN url (configured through F5) is used, login to this environment brings up the OTM Login page. Upon entering the login username and password and clicked on enter, redirects back to OTM Login page.

    But if we individually put the webserver FQDN (, I am able to login to OTM without any issue.

    I don't see log files getting generated in case I using the External FQDN url when the issue occurs.

    Appreciate your help if any of you could put some pointer what could be the issue.. as we don't see any logs also written when the issue occurs. Can you please let me know if there is any log file I need to check on F5 (Though my access is limited on F5, I can ask my SA to lookinto that too)


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    Re: Login to OTM redirects back to OTM Login page


    Make sure you have persistence cookies turned on your LB for your cluster. That will take care of this issue.

    What is basically happening is that you are getting bounced from one web server to the other and your cookie session becomes invalid on the other web server. What the persistence will do is keep you session logged in on one web server until you logout.

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      Re: Login to OTM redirects back to OTM Login page

      Hi Nick,

      Thanks very much. That was a good pointer you provided. We could see in F5 Management console for this pool, the Persistence Type was set to NONE, while a similar another environment (where it works) this parameters was set to Active HTTP Cookie for Persistence Type.

      However we are now in the conversion of DB from 32-64 Bit.. so the app and web servers are down. So should be done by today. I will update you the effect of this setting as suggested by you on the F5 part.

      I appreciate you help Nick.