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  • Kernel Parameters For Otm

    Hello Everyone

    Yesterday I created a thread and I got excellent and to the point responses. Thanks a lot. I have one question today.

    Does Oracle suggest kernel parameters (LINUX/UNIX) specifically for OTM? I browsed some Oracle OTM docs but could not make much headway here.

    If not, will the Application Server and Database Server specific kernel parameters suffice?

    If you could give any reference documents that can elucidate on this point will be great.

    Senthil Nathan M

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    Re: Kernel Parameters For Otm

    Since you need to install SQL plus usually on both the app and web tiers what we do is just follow the package requirement and kernel parameters that Oracle recommends for SQL Plus and the DB.
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      Re: Kernel Parameters For Otm

      You'll also find that the OTM installer updates some kernel parameters. For instance, on Linux this is done by the gc3nettune script under the rc.d directory.