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  • Shipment RemoteQuery Performance

    We are attempting to consume Shipment external to OTM... via custom screens developed with Oracle ADF. This is to allow our organization to tap into our brokerage carrier negotiation process and pricing. In order to accomplish this, we created BPEL Shipment services where we pull the Shipment Object out of OTM via the RemoteQuery interface, run our carrier negotiation process, then send the Header portion of the shipment back in through the ActualShipment Interface. We already reduced the OTM RemoteQuery response XML via OutXMLProfiles.

    The actual OTM Transmission execution times for the RemoteQuery transactions are subsecond, regardless of high volume. At low volume, the performance of the BPEL OTM invoke portion of the service is acceptable. At high volume though, the BPEL OTM invoke portion of the service degrades substantially, even though the OTM transmission execution time remains subsecond.

    People generally assume OTM is source of the issue, but when we see OTM transmission execution times the same, that assumption is hard to prove. We assume latency due size of shipment object and amount of available resources in BPEL domain, OTM webservice or OAS application server.

    First question we have - is the Shipment XML generation considered part of the OTM Transmission time, or is Tranmission Time just for generating the serialized version of the OTM java objects?

    Secondly, does this forum have experience tuning Shipment RemoteQuery operations? If so, are there ways to increase resources / threads in OTM for Shipment RemoteQuery transactions?

    Thanks for your advice!