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[SOLVED] aggressive heap on Linux

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  • [SOLVED] aggressive heap on Linux

    We've been setup an OTM instance on Red Hat Linux (for the first
    time) and
    we are using following setup (with aggressive heap and
    What do you think of this setup? Is it recommending to use the
    heap setting?
    We also setup the Xverbose to analyse the JVM behaviour in HPJTune,
    but the
    output coming from JRockit JDK is different from the one coming from
    JDK and is not readable in HPJTune. What's wrong with our setup to
    get it
    readable in HPJTune?
    # Java Additional Parameters,gc
    We are using 2 CPUS 2.4Ghz Xeon P-IV.


    Kristof Stevens
    OTM Technical consultant

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    Re: aggressive heap on Linux

    Additional information :

    2 CPUs on Red Hat AS/ES 4.0 64-bit

    CPU0: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU 5140 @ 2.33GHz stepping 06
    CPU1: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU 5140 @ 2.33GHz stepping 06


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      Re: aggressive heap on Linux


      I don't know of a way to regularize the Verbose GC output from JRockit. While I was working at G-Log, we had to modify our GC graphing scripts to specifically map against JRockit's output. In fact, we had to do the same for the IBM JDK. One option may be a Perl or Ruby script to convert the GC info into a Sun JDK format.

      The best option I've found, so far, has been BEA's management tools, including the JRockit Console and Mission Control.

      Just for reference, I've found the following tools useful for diagnosing JVM memory issues with the Sun JDK, though I don't know if any are compatible with JRockit:BTW, the best CPUs I've seen in use with OTM and other Java application servers are the Intel 5160 and E5355 CPUs.

      Hope this helps!