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OTM Adding a new domain to a SCA configuration

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  • OTM Adding a new domain to a SCA configuration

    Hi everyone,

    I have a 2 domains, and 2 app/server SCA configuration where 1 set of app/web servers is dedicated for each domain. Currently, these servers are configured for cross-failover.

    I would like to add a new domain to this configuration and in effect would like to configure as follows:

    DEFAULT Server
    Domain 1

    SECONDARY Server
    Domain 2
    Domain 3

    Domain 1 failover = SECONDARY
    Domain 2/3 failover = DEFAULT

    Has anyone done this sort of configuration before? How do you go about configuring this?

    Thanks for all your replies!

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    Re: OTM Adding a new domain to a SCA configuration


    It is definitely possible to setup this configuration. At a high level, here are the steps:

    • First - I recommend running OTM v5.5 CU5 RU3 for the basis of starting a SCA environment.
    • Review the new OTM Scalability document - it's pretty good and goes over the possible configs
    • Setup Active/Active scalability (now called "High Scalability" by Oracle) and test. This is the easiest to setup and should be the basis for any SCA configuration
    • Re-configure the SCA cluster as follows
      • Leave the one of the servers in the default cluster, so that any non-specified domains will go there. Even though you only have 2 domains, you have to take into consideration other logins like DBA.ADMIN and the SERVPROV logins and GUEST.ADMIN, if you use that for testing
      • Configure Domain-split SCA as noted in the Scalability Guide, you can assign them just as you've specified, Domain 1 to server 1 and Domain 2 (3, etc) to Server 2.
    • You can test that the domain-split SCA works by logging in and clicking on the "i" button. Check the app server noted.
    • Once all that works, then configure your failover servers as noted in the Scalability Guide.
    • Test the failover by shutting down alternating OTM instances.

    I know this isn't a ton of detail (it's late in the day - sorry!), but this should get you started. Post back and I can provide more specific details.

    Hope this helps!



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      Re: OTM Adding a new domain to a SCA configuration

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for your reply. We have not migrated to CU5 RU3 yet but will do so soon. Will let you know once we have done so and will check out the config as instructed!

      Thanks for your help!