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Connection Pool DEDICATED SECURITY Exhausted

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  • Connection Pool DEDICATED SECURITY Exhausted

    Hi everyone,

    In our production environment, we've got "CONNECTION POOL DEDICATED SECURITY EXHAUSTED" error and we had to bounce the application/web server.
    Our connection pool is already 20.
    1. May I know what could be the possible cause of this error ?
    2. Which log I must check and where to find them ?
    3. What is the purpose of connection pool ? What is good if we increase it ? Is there maximum limit with regard to server hardware resource ?
    Thank you.

    Reference =

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    Re: Connection Pool DEDICATED SECURITY Exhausted

    I've seen this happen on a few customer's instances. This occurs when for your instance, 20 pieces of integration, transactions hit the application server at the same exact time. It is tough to try to localize this, but you can try to review your apache access logs and try to figure out what caused this. You can also try to increase it to say 50, but you'll need to really get to the root cause because it could happen again.
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      Re: Connection Pool DEDICATED SECURITY Exhausted

      Regarding your questions, please refer Metalink Note
      • 558031.1 - Questions on Connections Pools such as PRIMARY_THIN,DEDICATED_DBA used in OTM
      • 730041.1 - Connection Pool DEDICATED_SECURITY Is Exhausted
      • 465975.1 - Connection Pool DEDICATED_DBA is Exhausted
      • 735346.1 - Connection Pool PRIMARY_THIN Is Exhausted
      Just like Nick mentioned, there is no magic number for all connection pool.

      In one of my implementation, I had raised a Severity 1 SR for the similar issue. The way that Oracle Support suggested was to increase the number gradually and monitor via glog.webserver.datasource.CPDiagServlet
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        Re: Connection Pool DEDICATED SECURITY Exhausted


        Please do below steps,

        1. Log in as DBA.ADMIN.
        2. System Administration -> Data Connection Management -> Data Source Manager.
        3. Enter: PRIMARY_THIN and edit this record - Go to the Pool tab.
        4. Change Maximum Capacity to <X> and save change.

        Thank you!

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