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Dynamic List in OTM

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  • Dynamic List in OTM

    Hai all,
    Is it possible to fetch the 'Provider ID' from the database and populate it in the Provider ID drop down of the report?

    I tried this in OTM by selecting the following:
    1. Parameter Type - is 'Dynamic List' and
    2. Query Name - i selected from the picklist(already existing one.for eg:SERVPROV)
    Finally the provider Id's are displaying in the drop down list but if i select anyone and click Submit button then it shows an Error like this :
    REP-300: quoted string not properly terminated

    Note:i tried the same in the report builder also but it also shows some error like "Invalid Identifier"

    Kindly help me to solve this problem.

    thanks & regards,

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    Re: Dynamic List in OTM

    Hi Nisha,

    I am a new Bee in OTM, working as a Report Developer in a Logistic Firm.
    We are using OTM55 CU03, I have developed some rdf and registered in OTM but i m facing problems for Report Parameter LOV, is there any way to define sql lov for parameters.

    Your help is highly appriciated.

    Thanks in Advnace.