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[SOLVED] Exporting more than 1000 records to Excel - Screens and Reports

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  • [SOLVED] Exporting more than 1000 records to Excel - Screens and Reports


    There is an issue with OTM, where you can't export more than 1000 records from a finder screen to Excel, or from an HTML report to Excel. This is limited via a property on the OTM Web Server's file.

    The issue is that the property listed in the properties file is incorrectly named, so that changing it won't update the behavior. The old property is:
    Instead, you need to add and set the following property:
    Keep in mind that Oracle gives the following suggestions:
    • We do not suggest you use the UI to export large amounts of data (for example, any more than 1000 records)
    • We have identified this as a problem and in version 5.5 have added a property to limit the user to the amount of data that can be exported. (the default is 1000)
    • You should limit the export to smaller data sets and then combine them manually.
    • If you need to export larger volumes than this, we suggest that you use the CSV export functionality.
    This is slated to be fixed in OTM v5.5 CU4 (bug 6319538 and 631952


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    Re: [SOLVED] Exporting more than 1000 records to Excel - Screens and Reports

    Hi Chris,

    This is old post but still relevent. Based on you post and suggestion you have listed from oracle, it seems that there would be performance impact if we increase this value to number higher than 1000. Currently in our solution we have set it to 4000 and business is requesting to increase that value as well.

    If possible can you provide some poitner on Performance impact of this change.

    Thank you,
    Thank You,

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