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Reports development - testing error

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  • Reports development - testing error

    Hi all,
    I am new to OTM I am working reports ,while developing new report I have selected both option i.e run onlineDB and run offline DB ( I am using report bulder10g) and when I am running report in OTM
    In run online DB it is assign parameter and giving
    This page output
    OracleAS Reports Services - Servlet Command Help

    URL for invoking rwservlet command request : http://yourwebserver/yourservletpath/rwservlet[/command]?[args]
    Where args are arguments for constructing a Reports Server run request, and optional command is a keyword, modifying request in some way (see list below).

    For more information on how to setup and use Reports Servlet rwservlet, please refer to the product documentation.

    Valid Reports Servlet Commands

    In following commands, the name of the Reports Server (server=name) can be omitted. rwservlet will try to use the default Reports Server specified in the servlet configuration file.

    If I run offline DB it is giving
    REP-52005: The specified key hide_pass_key_ods does not exist in key map file.Can u please help me ……… Thanks & regards,sridhar .

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    Re: report err

    I'm not sure what is causing the first error, but I would guess it has something to do with the parameters passed to the reports server.

    I can shed some light on the second error, though. The Offline report option in OTM is meant to allow reports to run against a separate database (ODS) that is used for data warehousing. It sounds like this has not been setup in your environment, and is therefore not working. If it is setup, then you need to ensure that you have the hide_pass_key_ods entry defined in your report server's cgicmd.dat file. I wouldn't worry about this too much, though, as very few (if any) clients are using ODS.




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      Re: report err

      Hai chir’s ,
      Thnak you for giving reply,I am un able to move forward with out salving the this err. i.e 1st one parameter err .I tried lot but not getting any solution.


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        Re: report err

        Unfortunately, I'm not sure of the cause for the first error. I'd recommend opening an SR with Oracle and going down that route. If you receive a solution, I'd appreciate it if you'd post back here and tell us how it was solved -- to help others in the future.