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3 Of 9 BarCode Issue in PDF

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  • 3 Of 9 BarCode Issue in PDF


    If I am using 3 of 9 barcode the bar code is displayed in HTML,MS Excel and MS Word. But the bar code is not displayed when report is generated in PDF file.

    Please let me know how to resolve this issue.

    Ravi Gurujala

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    Re: 3 Of 9 BarCode Issue in PDF

    Hi Ravi,

    You will need to perform following server side tasks in order to see the barcode.

    Step1: Upload your font(3OF9_NEW.TTF) file @<OTM_HOME>/jdk/jre/lib/fonts directory.
    Step2: Create/Update xdo.cfg file with the new font details and upload this file @<OTM_HOME>/jdk/jre/lib directory.

    Example of sample xdo.cfg
    <------------File content Start--------->
    <config version="1.0.0" xmlns="">
    <!-- Font setting -->
    <font family="3 of 9 Barcode" style="normal" weight="normal">
    <truetype path="/media/install/otm/jdk/jre/lib/fonts/3OF9_NEW.TTF" />
    <------------File content End--------->

    Hope this resolves your issue.


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      Hi Ravi,
      How did u resolve this issue at last? Thanks.


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        Dear All,

        We are trying to print Barcode report we did the below

        1) Code 128 and Free 3 of 9 was placed in the application server Fonts Folder and given read/write/execute access

        2) Config File xdo.cfg was created and placed in the lib folder, with the path pointing to the new Fonts

        3) We gave the config file path in the Bireports properties.

        4) Restart the server.

        Our server does not have any patches. But when ever the XDO file is placed in the server even the public/existing PDF reports which was working earlier and does not have bar code are throwing Java null pointer exception. In this case any PDF report throwing this error.

        But if we remove the XDO file restart then the PDF reports are working fine, but in this case Barcode font does not take into effect.

        Report error log also does not show any information on the error, shows only the exception.

        kindly let us know if anything is missed here like any patch or any other setup to make this work